Upcoming changes to SSL Renewals

If you are a website owner you should be aware of the importance of ensuring your website has an SSL certificate.

Padlock indicating site is secure

The little padlock indicates that any communication between your website and the webserver (e.g. a form with your contact details) is safely encrypted so that those details are unreadable to anyone else if that message was intercepted.

Modern browsers such as Chrome have in recent years flagged up a warning message to visitors to websites that do not have an SSL installed. Something along these lines –

No SSL installed shows site as not secure

SSL certificates are available in many different types which can be thought of a bit like insurance policies. They will all provide a basic cover but others are far more in depth and provide far greater security and guarantees for example.

Previously owners were able to purchase certificates for 2-3 even 5 years in advance. Changes to the way Google and Apple browsers handle SSL certificates are afoot so that SSL certificates must now be purchased on an annual basis as of September 2020. The simple premise is that it helps to increase security by more regular updating of certificates.

Two year certificates that were purchased prior to then will be valid for their full duration but anything renewed after that date will then have to be renewed on an annual basis.

If you’ve any questions regarding your SSL requirements or renewal arrangements please email us at info@broadbandcloudsolutions.co.uk or visit our site at https://www.bcs-hosting.net/index.php?rp=/store/ssl-certificates