Knowing your IT systems are being proactively looked after, whether it’s your network, servers, web applications or databases, provides businesses with confidence to concentrate on the job at hand without worrying about how your systems are coping. BCS through our partnership with Zabbix can provide real time information on metrics, problem detection, security and disk usage among loads of other aspects of your systems.

Possible uses of Zabbix

  • monitoring of the systems in data center as well as systems for company’s clients;
  • monitoring of large and expanding WISP network of servers, WiFi infrastructure and users;
  • tracking of customers’ servers; ability to use maintenance free proxy servers to monitor customers’ networks;
  • monitoring of day-to-day metrics like disk space, the status of websites, and the availability of key services;
  • monitoring everything from errors on switch ports to connection pool utilization in Java application servers;
  • continuous monitoring of all areas ranging from network and routing topology to server hardware through to processes and backups.


Proven Benefits

  • consolidated monitoring solution for all alarming and performance related information;
  • excellent flexibility and scalability;
  • great stability;
  • alerting on “situations unique” to a “specific issue”;
  • very easy in implementation, use and customization;
  • easily monitors any type of vendor or device;
  • ability to fix problems before the customer even becomes aware of their existence;
  • possibility to automate the processes;
  • low administrative costs;
  • increase company’s ROI.

Relax in the knowledge that your crucial systems are being monitored and cared for in real time.

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