Office 365 from Microsoft can be a game changer for many organisations. It allows your workforce to operate from any location at any time safe in the knowledge that your documents and emails are available when you need them.

You no longer have to shell out hundreds of pounds for each Microsoft office licence you required for your staff. A simple subscription system means access to the entire Office suite ( Word, Excel etc) from up to 5 devices along with 50Gb of space for your email via Outlook. Throw in access to Sharepoint for your document storage use which can eliminate the requirement for expensive in-house servers and also the use of Microsoft Teams for collaboration among your team and you really do have a winning combination.

The total cost of ownership for small office IT infrastructure when based around this system is another major attraction of using 365. The other benefit is you no longer have staff using all different versions of Office when working on documents as the subscription means that everyone is always using the latest version.

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